For the revitalization and compensation increases in tertiary institutions, the federal government has proposed N470 billion.

This information was provided on Friday by President Muhammadu Buhari during his presentation of the 2023 budget projections to the National Assembly’s joint session.

The situation that has caused the country’s public universities to close has alarmed Mr. Buhari, who is presenting the lawmakers with his final budget.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been on strike since February 14 due to a disagreement over the IPPIS and the government’s refusal to follow the 2009 agreement.

Lecturers “display a better awareness of the current situation of events in the country,” Mr. Buhari claimed in his speech. He said that the government must act to address the issue.

Mr. Buhari stated that, to the extent that resources permit, the government is dedicated to carrying out the agreement with ASUU and other parties.

He emphasized that his government will not sign any agreements that it is not prepared to put into practice.

“Within the limits of the resources at its disposal, the Government remains committed to putting agreements agreed with staff unions into effect. We have remained adamant that we won’t sign any agreements that we won’t be able to carry out because of this. To maintain stability in the educational system, individual institutions would be urged to adhere to any agreement achieved in due order” Mr. Buhari said.