President Muhammadu Buhari has called the assertion that he was deceased and that his alleged body double, “Jibril Aminu from Sudan,” was the one residing in the presidential house in Aso Rock, a pricy but amusing joke.

In a video that was aired on Friday night as part of a private dinner celebrating Buhari’s 80th birthday and themed “Celebrating a Patriot, a Leader, an elder statesman,” the president responded to the accusation.

The President claimed that some Nigerians are adept at making humor out of things they do not grasp or understand.

He said that the rumor was created by certain troublemakers to show off their cheek.

When asked by the journalist if he had heard the ridiculous rumor that he wasn’t Buhari, he grinned and said, “Yes! People have claimed that I am from Sudan. I didn’t give the name any thought. Nigerians like to explain themselves in sneaky ways.

When asked why he thinks them hilarious, the President responded, “No. Because the people who made those things were only trying to be cheeky, it’s not funny. They seek to deflect focus away from the crucial matter.

“Our biggest concern is building the infrastructure and educating people about the necessity to work hard if they want to live comfortably. Without winning the respect of their community or anything else, they simply want to enjoy life.