Bola Ahmad Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, responded to the debate over the Muslim-Muslim ticket in the upcoming election by insisting that Nigeria was founded on the principles of brotherhood and togetherness, regardless of tribe or religion.

He made this statement on Tuesday in Kano during a town hall gathering of Northwest Muslim leaders.

According to Tinubu, the former national anthem of Nigeria, “Though Tribes and Tongues May Differ, In Brotherhood We Stand,” should be continued by the country.

In addition to vowing to bring everyone along based on his views that are good to the country and not based on tribe or religion, he emphasized that it is people who don’t mean well for Nigeria who have altered this reality into what is attainable now.

According to Tinubu, his vision for the growth of Nigeria is one of cooperation, consistency, and continuity.

“You represent the spiritual and ethical values of our country and without your guidance, we would not be on the right path.

“Hence we must rededicate ourselves to work harder for the progress and development of our country. We need to be fair and just.

When Tinubu is elected, there would allegedly be a Yoruba majority government, according to Muhammad Abubakar, the governor of Jigawa state and Northern Coordinator of the APC Presidential Campaign.

According to him, neither Nuhu Ribadu nor the governor of Kano state Abdullahi Ganduje will betray the north and are both present at every caucus meeting.