Patriarch Polycarp Sunday, the founder of The Royal Church of God Worldwide (Royal City) has predicted Tinubu’s victory in the 2023 presidential election.

The All Progressives Congress (APC), which Tinubu co-founded in February 2013, is the party for which he is running for office.

Sunday stated that special intercessions “must be upheld against unknown masked foreign mercenaries” in his weekend prediction.

Ahead of the elections, he said that these agents were “proliferating through the length and breadth of Nigeria’s polity.”

The bishop founded The Royal Church of God Worldwide (Royal City), which has locations in Abuja and Minna.

On Sunday, it was stated that Tinubu “will win the presidential election.”

According to the cleric, the former governor of Lagos will “divinely and expressly display extraordinary grace.”

Despite not being “born again,” the bishop claimed Tinubu is “God’s instrument.”

“He will be used by God to free all in exile as many Nigerians in diaspora shall be drawn home.

“These feats shall be recorded and achieved not for a fee, nor bribe or through any corrupt means”, Sunday added.