A vote for either Alhaji Abubarka Atiku or Peter Obi, the presidential candidates for the People’s Democratic Party and the Labour Party, would be a waste, according to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate.

While visiting the state as part of his presidential campaign, Tinubu made this statement in Akure, the capital of Ondo.

He claimed that neither of the opposing parties’ presidential candidates had anything to contribute.

“I want to counsel Nigerians to vote intelligently, a vote for Atiku or Obi would be a waste,” he said.

“Our rally today is a signal of our renewed hope for Nigeria, that February 25, you will go and make a wise decision, you will vote massively for me, I’m too sure and very sure that you will vote for APC and that’s why I’m very happy.

On Atiku, Asíwájú Tinubu said the PDP candidate could not do it.

“He doesn’t want to do the brave and hard work required to build a better nation.

“Instead, he would rather sell your birthright to the highest bidder and run off with the proceeds.

“He cares little that his policies and actions will impoverish you and leave you with nothing.”

While taking a swipe on Peter Obi, Tinubu said,

“All he could do was boast that he saved money. But I tell you it is a wicked parent that holds money in his hand yet allows his children to starve.

“Likewise, it is a heartless governor who holds back money when people went hungry, schools, road and clinics went into disrepair. Neither the city-dweller nor farmer prospered under him.

“In the end, he refused to save the people because he preferred to save the money.
And he claims to be the party of labor. You will have to be laboring under a terrible delusion if you think he will do better for the nation than he did for Anambra State.
Buyer beware of salesmen selling fake merchandise.”

Tinubu re-stated that his government would reestablish commodity exchange boards to ensure farmers a guaranteed price for their yields.

According to him, If given the mandate to lead this country, he said his administration would help the state to reap the full benefits of her bounteous resources.