Lekan Adekanbi, the lone suspect detained in connection with the murder of Kehinde Fatinoye, a member of staff at the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has eluded capture by Ogun State police.

The police reported that they had detained Adekanbi as the main suspect in the case after Fatinoye, his wife, and their only son were killed.

Up to the day of his murder, Adekanbi served as the late CBN staff’s driver.

Adekanbi was taken into custody by the Ibara police divisional headquarters to help in their investigation.

According to reports, the suspect complained of a fever on Tuesday and was transported to a hospital by two police officers from the Ibara division.

Lekan allegedly feigned to need to urinate in the hospital before fleeing, a source told our reporter.

The source claims that from the moment of the suspect’s arrest until he arrived at the hospital, the police did not shackle him.

Sources claim that the suspect left after learning that the Fatinoyes’ domestic workers, who had been taken hostage along with their kid by the assassins, had survived.

It was discovered that the instant he laid eyes on the domestic staff, he started to feel restless.

In the meantime, CSP Bernard Ediagbonya, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Ibara, Abeokuta, has been fired for suspected carelessness.

The command ordered the most senior officer in the division to assume leadership, hence the DPO was fired without any posting.

According to information obtained, Ediagbonya has been given the go-ahead to restart at the police headquarters in Eleweran immediately.

Additionally, the police officers who failed to stop Adekanbi from fleeing when they were in charge of him are being disciplined.

As of the time this report was filed, it was unable to reach the spokesman for the Ogun State police.