According to reports, a train traveling the Warri–Itakpe route derailed, leaving numerous people stranded.

According to reports, it was the same train that had people kidnapped from its station in Igueben, Edo State.

According to information, the incident took place inside Kogi woodland. According to reports, a number of people got off the train out of concern for their safety.

The report stated the train left Warri early on Sunday and derailed at about 12 o’clock in the afternoon inside a forest between Ajaokuta and Itakpe.

The manager of the Warri/Itakpe railway informed our correspondent that he was just on his way to the spot and would provide further information later even though the Delta and Kogi State police commands were unable to confirm the occurrence right away.

A staff member of the Nigerian Railway Corporation at the Itakpe Station said the incident took place at about 20km from the the destination of the train.

The source added that several NRC employees obtained vehicles to transport the passengers out of the woodland where the event occurred.

“The place is not far from the last bus stop, so some of our staff members called cab from the station at Itakpe to evacuate all of them.

“It’s not far just 20km from the incident scene. Nobody was injured,” he said.

The locomotive dropped off the track, he replied, when asked what caused the train to derail. “We can’t access the cause now, our engineer went there to check,” he said.

Another source within the NRC confirmed the occurrence, saying, “It happened this morning at Kogi Station, which is a station where people don’t stop; they closed the station. When the train arrived there, it appeared as though someone had interfered with the track since nearly four carriages derailed and nearly capsized, according to the source.