The House of Representatives has requested that the security services find and prosecute the economic saboteurs behind the current fuel shortage.

The lawmakers gave the appropriate security authorities the responsibility of locating oil marketers who are stockpiling the products.

Following a motion of urgent public concern made by Leke Abejide on Wednesday, the House adopted these measures.

Abejide, who moved the motion, claimed that despite the budget for the PMS subsidy’s approval, fuel scarcity continues to be a problem in the nation.

He expressed regret over the wide pricing variations for PMS in the nation, stating that there is “allegation of decline in fuel supply to marketers by private depots which is generating a dangerous mindset in the country.”

According to Abejide, “scarcity is linked to saboteurs among some of the main stakeholders who actively corrupted the system.”

“Due to the shortage, Nigerians are exposed to all kinds of problems, which has led to a rise in transportation costs and a high cost of several major food products,”

As a result, the House made a decision and instructed the pertinent House Committees to look into the situation and report back within 48 hours.

It also decided to ask the appropriate regulatory bodies to come before the House Leadership on January 26, 2023, at 2 p.m.