A new Nigeria is feasible, according to Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate.
If he were to be elected president, he pledged to bring back a Nigeria which every citizen would be happy to be a part of.

Obi said he was running for president not because it was his turn but because “it is the turn of Nigerians to take back their country” from the few who have the country by the jugular on Friday during a town hall gathering in Umuahia, Abia State.

If elected president on February 25, he pledged to start over and change everything in the nation.

We’re going to create a brand-new Nigeria. Yes, a new Nigeria is feasible, which is why I’m running.

Obi expressed concern for the current state of affairs in Nigeria, lamenting that due to the many difficulties the nation is currently facing, Nigerians are now embarrassed to identify as such.

Peter Obi said, “Kaduna was the capital of Northern Nigeria where every Nigerian was proud to belong, so we started the campaign here in Kaduna,” on Wednesday while kicking off his presidential campaign in the North. That Nigeria, where everyone was content to belong, is going to return. Kaduna State stood for Northern production.

He claimed that Kaduna State, which is home to some of the strongest military units in the nation and is therefore meant to be the safest place in the nation, faced numerous security issues. Nigeria will be made secure and unified. Security will return once more.

He pointed out that the reason for the country’s insecurity was poor and inefficient leadership that failed to take command of the situation. “That is why the bandits are everywhere and operating nearly freely, killing and wreaking unimaginable devastation of valuables,” he said.

“That is why the bandits are everywhere and operating almost freely, killing and causing unimaginable destruction of valuables.

‘We will restructure the security architecture. Security personnel will be well taken care of. We will ensure their lives are taken care of so that their families are taken care of in the event of death.”