On Wednesday, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos State, announced efforts to mitigate the consequences of the present cash shortage brought on by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the naira exchange, and what appears to be an artificial fuel shortage in the state.

At a state-wide State of the Nation broadcast held at Lagos House in Marina, Sanwo-Olu made the announcement.

Due to the scarcity and residents’ perseverance, the governor praised people for maintaining their composure in the face of “unfortunate adversity” and said that actions had become required to improve the situation for the state’s most vulnerable citizens.

The construction of roads along tank farms in the Ijegun-Egba area has been halted to allow for the smooth movement of petroleum tankers and easy product distribution, among other actions taken to mitigate the consequences.

Additionally, in order to record a notable increase in gasoline distribution and decrease long lines and the customary rush at the stations, gas stations were instructed to operate 24 hours a day with proper security protection.

Also, starting on Thursday, all public transit in the state, including Bus Rapid Transit, BRT, LagRide, LagFerry, and LAST-MILE, will only charge customers 50% of the current fare when using a cowrie card.

the establishment of food banks in select designated areas for the distribution of food products to the underprivileged, which would be done by leaders of Community Development Associations, CDAs, religious organizations, and ethnic groups, among others.