Elections in 141 polling places in the state of Bayelsa have been postponed by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The election was postponed in the concerned polling units, according to INEC Chairman Mahmood Yakubu, since the voting process was disorganized.

On Saturday, the INEC chairman addressed to journalists at the collation center in Abuja on the ongoing general election.

Both the presidential and national assembly elections in the voting units will be impacted by the election’s postponement. He stated that Sunday is now the anticipated date for the exercise.

Notwithstanding the fact that things are now under control, according to Yakubu, the panel chose to postpone the election after NYSC members expressed concern about returning to the polling places.

“We have a situation in Bayelsa state, particularly in the capital of Yenogoa where in four wards — wards 4,6,8,14 involving 141 polling units, the process was disrupted,” Yakubu said.

“We remobilised security and the situation is calm for us to continue the process. But the youth corps members expressed some apprehension about going back.

“So we met with security agencies and we’ve decided that voting in these 141 polling units where the materials are actually intact, will take place tomorrow morning. Remember, we’re not only doing presidential election, but we are also doing sénatorial and federal constituencies.

“So it’s good to recover and conduct the elections so that we can conclude the processes. The youth corps members who are serving as presiding officers and other commission staff, are agreeable that the elections should hold tomorrow morning.”

The nation’s electoral board also announced that the elections in the Edo state federal districts of Esan and Igueben had been postponed.

At a federal constituency in Edo state, he added, “we had a scenario that we resolved yesterday (Friday), one of the parties whose acronym is on the score sheet but the logo is not on the vote paper.”

“Because the materials are intact, a decision was made following a discussion with the stakeholders. Hence, the elections for Esan North, Esan South, and Igueben have been put on hold.

Elections will now take place, with the constituency elections taking place in the following two weeks. The ballot papers will be reissued.