Sen. Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate for the All Progressives Congress (APC), won the Niger poll on Saturday with 375,183 of the 778,668 valid votes cast in the state.

Prof. Clement Alawa, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC) Academic, University of Abuja, the State Collation Officer for the Presidential Election (SCOPE), revealed this on Tuesday while presenting the state findings at the National Collation Centre in Abuja.

Alawa also revealed that Peter Obi of the Labour Party received 80,452 ballots, while Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) received 284,898 votes.

Sen. Rabiu Kwankwaso of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) secured 21,836 ballots, he added.
Alawa, who announced the findings, stated that the APC received 375,183 of the total 813,355 votes.

The SCOPE for FCT, Prof. Olayemi Akinwunmi of Federal University of Lokoja, said of the 460,071 valid votes in the territory, Accord polled 490 votes, AA 506 votes, AAC 215 votes, ADC 768 votes and ADP 585 votes.

He added that APGA scored 1,362 votes, APM 297 votes, APP 146 votes and BP 748 votes.

According to the presentation by the SCOPE for Akwa Ibom, Prof. Emmanuel Adigo, the VC of Nigeria Maritime University, Akwa-Ibom, PDP polled 214,012 votes to win the state.

Adigo said that APC came second with 160,620 votes, followed by LP with 132,683 votes and NNPP with 7,797 votes .

He also listed scores by other parties to include Accord 860 votes, AA  289 votes, AAC 626 votes, ADC 2,265 votes, ADP 811 votes, APGA 783 votes and APM 599 votes.

For Edo, the LP won with 331,163 votes, while APC came second with 144,471 votes and the PDP came third with 89,585.

According to the Edo SCOPE, Prof. Nyaudoh Ndaeyo,  who is the V-C of University of Uyo, the NNPP scored 2,743 votes out of 600,395 total votes cast.

Ndaeyo also listed NRM votes as 393, PRP 216, SDP 296, YPP -406 and ZLP 4,082 votes.

The LP also won Abia State with 327,095 votes out of the total valid votes of 370,037 while PDP came second with 22,676 votes.

The Abia SCOPE, Prof. Abel Ezeoha of the Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo (FUNAI), said that the PDP scored 22,676 votes, APC 8,914 votes, APGA 3,943 votes, APGA 3,943 votes, APM 608 votes, YPP 1,861 votes and ZLP 1,039 votes.

LP received 80,452 ballots, NNPP 21,836 votes, and PDP 284,898 votes, according to him.

With 310,468 votes out of the 797,762 submitted, Prof. Samuel Kuta, Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University of Technology (FUT), Minna, won the SCOPE for Benue.

According to Kuta, the LP received 308,372 ballots, the PDP received 130,081 votes, the NNPP received 4,740 votes, and there were 804,189 registered voters.

However, the LP triumphed in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) with 281,717 ballots, followed by the APC with 90,902, the PDP with 74,194, and the NNPP with 4,517.

Of the 460,071 valid ballots cast in the FCT, according to Prof. Olayemi Akinwunmi of the Federal University of Lokoja, Accord received 490 votes, AA received 506 votes, AAC received 215 votes, ADC received 768 votes, and ADP received 585 votes.

He added that APGA received 1,362 ballots, followed by APM with 297, APP with 146, and BP with 748.

PDP received 214,012 ballots to win the state, according to the presentation made by the SCOPE for Akwa Ibom by Prof. Emmanuel Adigo, the VC of Nigeria Maritime University, Akwa-Ibom.

According to Adigo, APC received 160,620 ballots, placing them second behind LP (132,683) and NNPP (7,797).

He also gave the vote totals for other parties, including Accord (860), AA (289), AAC (626), ADC (2,265), ADP (811), APGA (783), and APM (599).

The LP received 331,163 ballots in Edo, followed by the APC with 144,471 and the PDP with 89,585.