The Nigerian government has been given a seven-day deadline by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to end the nation’s current fuel and Currency shortages.

The union’s stance is outlined in a statement that was released and jointly signed on Tuesday by its president, Joe Ajaero, and general secretary, Emmanuel Ugboaja.

The Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting of the congress concluded with the release of the communiqué.

The union claimed that the people had suffered a great deal as a result of the Naira re-design policy’s inadequate execution.

Also, it stated that three significant topics had the country’s focus during the review period.

Elections for the president and national legislature, a lack of Petroleum Motor Spirit (PMS), a redesign of the Naira notes, and its aftermath,” he said.

“Accordingly, CWC resolved to give the government seven working days beginning from Tuesday, March 14 to make Naira notes available to the people or Congress would be compelled to direct its members to withdraw their services.

“Similarly, the CWC-in-session, after reviewing the fuel supply situation in the country and the attendant arbitrary costs at filling stations, expressed dismay at the nonchalance of the NNPC and Government. It accordingly resolved to ask the NNPC/ FGN to normalise the fuel supply situation.”

The union also denounced the “surprise increase in electricity cost without notification and without improvement in service quality.”

“CWC determined that moving forward, any covert rise will be met with a suitable response,” it said.